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Just one piece of your college application gives you a chance to reveal who you are as a person.

That piece is the essay.

You’re more than an SAT score. More than a transcript. A well-written essay will give the admissions committee a glimpse of you as an individual. Admissions officers want an essay that will showcase your personality, your hopes and dreams, and how you have overcome obstacles to become who you are today. They want to know how you will make their campus a better place.

They want to hear your story. I can help you tell it.

I’m a professional writer with a degree in journalism. Before I started working in higher education, I made my living telling others’ stories. And I told those stories clearly and concisely, within the limited number of words that comes with each assignment.

Think you need way more than 500 words to answer the question, “Who in your life has been your biggest influence and why?” This is a challenge I’m used to facing. I’ll help you tackle it.

I can also help if you’re just looking for someone to edit and proofread your essay. After you spend hours writing it, one draft melds into another. Your brain will skip over obvious mistakes.

When you’re in desperate need of fresh eyes, I can tell you what your essay looks like to someone reading it for the first time. I’ll pinpoint misplaced apostrophes and run-on sentences.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get into your first-choice college. And I won’t write your essay for you. You’re the one applying to college. The admissions counselor reading your application wants to hear your voice, not mine.

But I can help you crystallize your thoughts and get your best words on paper (or the computer screen). I can help your application stick out from the rest. I can help you tell the admissions office your story and show how you’re a great fit for your dream school – and why you should be accepted.

I accept new clients on a limited basis. Click here for my prices.

* Note: I have a policy against working with students who are applying to American University, for which I volunteer as an alumni admissions representative. This is to avoid potential conflicts of interest.